Rich and Velvety Drinks

Cappuccino Flavored Drink Mix

Savour the aroma of this rich and frothy drink. Can be served hot or cold. *Certified Gluten Free

Chocolate Drink Mix

Spoil yourself with our sweet and creamy chocolate drink. Can be served hot or cold. *Certified Gluten Free

Peach and Mango Flavored Drink Mix

An exotic-tasting drink that will quench your thirst. *Certified Gluten Free

Piña Colada Flavored Drink Mix

A frothy, creamy drink with a rich, tropical flavor. *Certified Gluten Free

Vanilla Drink

A sweet blast of rich vanilla flavor that you can enjoy throughout the day. Now offering 20 grams of protein in a new 295 ml bottle. This convenient resealable bottle is great when you’re on the go. *Certified Gluten Free

Yogurt/Vanilla & Almond Flavored Drink

Refresh yourself anytime, anywhere with our new Ready-to-Serve Yogurt, Vanilla and Almond Drink. This creamy yogurt drink, enhanced with almond and vanilla flavors will leave you wanting more. Available in a convenient sized bottle, this new drink makes for a great snack on the go.

Vanilla Drink Mix

A timeless favorite so creamy and sweet that it will feel like a treat. *Certified Gluten Free

Wildberry Yogurt Flavored Drink Mix

A rich and creamy yogurt drink with real wildberries. *Certified Gluten Free