Losing iT! Weight Loss Center recently added several new services for residents of the Omaha metro area such as Corporate Wellness and so much more. Expanding the impact it can make for area residents seeking a medically-proven weight loss protocol, is what Losing iT! Weight Loss Center is all about. Following the proven and scientifically validated Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol that has been effective nationwide for more than a decade and our team is excited to offer lunch and learn events, corporate consulting events, as well as wellness management. Some may recognize many of the premises behind Ideal Protein’s concepts, which are based in ketogenic science (sometimes referred to as “keto” diets today). But, there’s much more than just the diet and food choices to Ideal Protein’s successful protocol.

The Focus of Ideal Protein’s Weight Loss Protocol

You may be surprised to learn that the focus is not just on weight loss. Rather, the Ideal Protein method zeroes on the lifestyle changes needed to maintain results for the long haul. Together, weight loss and lifestyle change are what really makes the program unique. According to the program’s founder, “The Ideal Protein Protocol is a comprehensive approach to weight loss with a beginning, middle and an end because without the tools to maintain your results, your weight loss may be temporary and nothing more than a false promise.” It is this teaching approach that has led to more than 3,000 independent clinics worldwide that are backed by thousands of international health professionals who recommend Ideal Protein as the best weight loss program for their patients. Losing iT! Weight Loss Center in Omaha is among those named as independent authorized Ideal Protein centers.

Coaching and Support at Every Phase

Another of the core components of Ideal Protein is quality of service that matches the quality of its weight loss diet products, delicious food options, and numerous resources on hand to help guide clients to success. Personal coaches are a part of this attention to quality with the Ideal Protein model. At Losing iT! Weight Loss Center we are not only led by a medical consultant but have a dedicated team of experienced lifestyle and weight loss coaches ready to help you build and live a healthier lifestyle.

More Than Just Looking Good. It’s Feeling Good from the Inside Out

One of the quotes we love from the Ideal Protein founder is this one: “Everyone at Ideal Protein is dedicated to the concept that weight loss is more than just a matter of looking good. It’s about feeling good from the inside out. It’s about eating for pleasure not by need; buying the clothes you want to wear, not just what fits; and being able to do the little things in life that many people take for granted and, ultimately, living life to the very fullest.” Let us help you feel good from the inside out. Contact Losing iT! Weight Loss Center today and begin your personal journey to wellness.


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