Trying to maintain healthy habits and choices during this time of the year can be really difficult. The temptation to give in to the many foods and activities that come along with holiday celebrations, parties and gatherings can derail even the most disciplined person. The reality is, all the hard work that goes into building a healthy lifestyle can easily be derailed by holiday temptation, but, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Start by acknowledging the challenges ahead, keeping your goals top of mind, and arming yourself with healthy alternatives and options. Here are some tips from Losing iT! Weight Loss Center to help you enjoy the season while staying on track.

Reflect On Your “Why”

Start by spending some time reviewing the reasons you embarked on a quest to live a healthier life in the first place. Keep your goals top of mind, even add them as a reminder in your smartphone, and let those goals guide the many choices ahead. Sometimes, just remembering your “why” can help keep you focused.

Bring One Of The Delicious MoxiFit Foods

If you are a guest at a holiday gathering, ask the host if you could bring a side dish or dessert to share. Choose one of the many delicious options that are in line with MoxiFit guidelines and you’ll be certain to have something you can enjoy without undoing your progress. If time is short and you need some quick healthy options, stop by the Losing iT! Weight Loss Center and pick up some of the easy to prepare dishes available.

Create An Environment Of Health-Focused Foods

Are you the host? Great! This allows you to control the menu and the food options provided. That means you can include plenty of selections that you know are in line with your health-focused goals. .

Keep Your Body Fueled

Don’t skip meals before heading out to holiday gatherings. Losing iT!’s Weight Loss Center’s health coaches would be the first to tell you this is a recipe for disaster. Eat a healthful meal in advance, drink plenty of water and arrive at the party ready to have fun and mingle, not make a beeline for the buffet.

Skip The Fizzes & Alcohol

Avoid alcoholic beverages by preparing MoxiFit drink mixes as an alternative. Serve it in a festive wine glass and enjoy the party. Looking for some additional advice and support during the holidays to make sure you stay focused and on track with your goals? Talk to your Losing iT! Weight Loss Center coach about the temptations ahead and ask them for more helpful tips and ideas to keep you from undoing all the hard work and progress you’ve made. Most of all, enjoy the season as a healthier, happier you. Happy Holidays from Losing iT! Weight Loss Center!


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