The idea of keeping a food journal isn’t new, but it is one that Losing iT! Weight Loss Center clients come to see as a valuable tool in achieving the goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Without a doubt, journaling does take time and commitment, but the simple act of writing down food choices, tracking physical activity or jotting down thoughts and emotions as you progress through your weight loss journey can pay big dividends. In fact, a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research (Portland, Oregon) found that individuals’ weight loss nearly doubled when they wrote in a food journal. Doubled! That’s pretty compelling evidence that journaling is worth a look for anyone hoping to stay on track with their personal health goals.

Food Journaling Simplified

If the thought of journaling makes you uneasy, our Omaha Losing iT! Weight Loss Center coaches can help identify some easy ways for you to manage this daily habit. You’ll find a downloadable food journal template here. Or, if paper and pencil isn’t your thing, there are many online or smartphone apps that are designed for this purpose. It all starts with finding a format that works for you, committing to it for a few days, then making it a daily habit. After you’ve found a way to keep track of your daily food journey, here are some helpful tips and ways the journal can be used to keep your Omaha health and wellness goals top of mind:

Detailing specifics helps your mind and body

Recording the specifics of the foods consumed, such as keeping track of serving sizes, daily weight records or body measurements, and even your feelings at any given time can help you identify trends that are getting in the way of you meeting your long-term goals.

Commitment amplifies success

Commit to journaling at least five days a week and do this consistently for at least a month. This not only helps to build the journaling habit, but it also provides an adequate overview of your food history so you and your MoxiFit weight loss coach can review and make observations to guide future behavior.

Reflection helps build new habits

Review your food journal with eyes wide open. Identify steps and missteps, successes and weak moments and assess how your food choices, activities and emotions got you closer to (or farther away) from your overall health goals. Share your journal and reflections with your Omaha weight loss Coach. Ask for their assessment, recommendations, and gain clarity from those who know an understand the processes intimately as you continue on your journey to better health.

Maximize your efforts to achieve a healthier you

Many of our Losing iT! Weight Loss Center clients in Omaha say they can’t imagine life without food journals now that they’ve gotten the hang of it. Taking time to write down emotions and experiences as you travel your weight loss and health journey keeps you accountable and focused. It also gives you the opportunity to strengthen your voice and inner dialogue with self. To find out more ways to maximize your efforts to achieve a healthier you, contact Losing iT! Weight Loss Center at (402) 991-2348 and find out how a medically-designed protocol, supportive coaching, and the right food options can help accelerate your weight loss and overall health.


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