There are great benefits to adding a sensible exercise routine to your daily commitment to eat healthier. The best long-term results for overall weight loss and personal health include not just a focus on eating better foods but also on making physical exercise a priority. Not all of us have time to hit the gym every day or to attend regularly scheduled exercise classes. In fact, “having no time” to devote to exercise is one of the biggest reasons why many people today live sedentary lifestyles that can contribute to serious health issues like diabetes, strokes and cardiovascular disease. The simple act of getting up and moving can add years to your life and greatly enhance your overall weight loss efforts and health goals.

Get Creative and Get Moving

How do you fit in a daily exercise routine to your already full day? Our Losing iT! Weight Loss Center Personal Trainer, Erin Anderson, says, “It isn’t impossible! In fact, with a little creativity and by taking advantage of moments in your day not typically dedicated to exercise, you can actually get a great workout in between the commitments on your packed calendar.” Don’t believe it? Here are a few examples:

Attending a Work Meeting?

Rather than finding a comfy seat near the exit, find a place in the back of the room where you could remain standing throughout the discussion. Bring a hard-backed notebook with you so you can take necessary notes. According to, by standing for three additional hours each day over the course of a year, you can burn up to 30,000 extra calories and eight pounds of fat. That’s the equivalent of running about ten marathons!

Add movement to your morning routine.

We aren’t talking about going for a 10-mile hike before work every day. While brushing your teeth each morning, add a few calf raises for each leg. Making breakfast for the kids? Put a milk jug in each hand and do a few arm curls before pouring them a glass.

Long days on the phone?

Use a mobile phone to take calls and make it a habit to carry on conversations “on the move.” When the phone rings, use that as a cue to get up and get moving. Don’t sit down until the conversation concludes.

Like to Netflix and chill?

Feel free to binge watch as long as you want, but do it while riding an exercise bike or walking on a treadmill. You’d be surprised how many miles you can cover while the latest crime gets solved or the serial drama unfolds.

Elevator in your building?

Forget you’ve ever met and instead get acquainted with the stairs. After all, steps are never “out of order” like elevators are and they appreciate the attention. Your legs may complain at first, but eventually, they will thank you.

Long waits at dance rehearsal or soccer practice?

Rather than waiting for your superstar in the lounge or in your car, use this time to get up and get moving. Even if you walk around the parking lot or make continued circles around the field, you’ll be getting in some important steps while your kids do their thing.

Housework is exercise.

Yes, it counts. If you are up and moving then you are doing something good for your health and body. Dusting and vacuuming never looked so appealing.

Still not convinced you can fit a little exercise into your day or need a little more encouragement?

Losing iT! Weight Loss Center has a personal trainer on staff who is ready to help you get moving. Those enrolled in the MoxiFit program are eligiable for promotional rates. Contact us today at (402) 991-2348 to ask about personal training options that can be designed to fit into your lifestyle and schedule. There is always time to make a healthy choice for your overall wellness. Once you see the payoff that exercise brings to how you look and feel, you may ask yourself why you didn’t make it a priority before.


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