Going out to eat doesn’t mean you have to put aside all the hard work you’ve done to be healthy. Even though restaurant menus are filled with tempting options that are definitely not in line with the goals you’ve set at Losing iT! Weight Loss Center and the MoxiFit program, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid social outings that include restaurant reservations.

Plan Ahead, Come Prepared

By all means, make time to go out and enjoy the company of friends. In order to make sure you stay on track, do some simple planning ahead and follow these helpful tips to enjoy a night out at a restaurant without regretting your food choices later.

Go online and check out the menu in advance.

Most restaurants today have websites that feature their menu selections. Before heading out for the evening ahead, take time to review the options and compare them against your Losing iT! Weight Loss Center goals and the MoxiFit program. While you really shouldn’t have french fries, you can certainly enjoy the steamed broccoli. Chances are there are actually plenty of great options on the menu and you won’t have to hunt for them while wait staff is there and you feel pressured to order.

Ask to talk with the chef.

You might be surprised to know that many eating establishments encourage guests who are on a special diet to visit briefly with the chef on duty. With a brief explanation, the chef can likely prepare a delicious meal for you that is in line with your dietary requests and needs.

Always carry some MoxiFit essentials with you.

By packing some seasonings such as sea salt or one of the salad dressings from the MoxiFit pantry, you can add the flavor to a simple salad or veggie plate without compromising your progress. While you are at it, toss an MoxiFit snack in (you might need it later).

If in doubt, select the salad greens.

If you simply can’t find anything on the menu that looks appealing or appropriate, order a house salad without dressing. You may have to remove items that are not in your phase protocol (croutons, for example). Dress up the salad with those handy MoxiFit essentials you’ve stowed for just such an occasion.

Dessert? No thank you!

If you’ve enjoyed the evening thus far and have arrived at the moment when the waiter asks about dessert, give yourself a mental “high five”, smile and politely decline. You’ve got this. If the temptation is really weighing hard on your discipline, ask for another glass of water, a cup of coffee, or reach for one of the MoxiFit snacks you’ve so cleverly brought with you.

Look for opportunities to apply your new skills and knowledge

Dining out with friends doesn’t have to be something you avoid while you are working to stay true to the goals you set for yourself at Losing iT! Weight Loss Center. Look at it as an opportunity to put all your new skills and knowledge about the food you consume to good use. You’ll leave the evening with the warm glow of having spent a fun evening with people you enjoy. You’ll also feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with keeping your goals in mind and making sure you made the right choices to live up to those goals.

Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Are you feeling anxious about accepting an invitation that includes dining out? Your Losing iT! Weight Loss Center coach can provide encouragement and other helpful tips to help you navigate this challenge. Contact us at (402) 991-2348 for more tips and helpful support.


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