Journaling Your Way to Weight Loss Success

November 22, 2018 By

The idea of keeping a food journal isn’t new, but it is one that Losing iT! Weight Loss Center clients come to see as a valuable tool in achieving the goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Without a doubt, journaling does take time and commitment, but the simple act of writing down food choices, tracking physical activity or jotting down thoughts and emotions as you progress through your weight loss journey can pay big dividends.


Tips for Staying Healthy and on Track During the Holidays

November 5, 2018 By

Trying to maintain healthy habits and choices during this time of the year can be really difficult. The temptation to give in to the many foods and activities that come along with holiday celebrations, parties and gatherings can derail even the most disciplined person. The reality is, all the hard work that goes into building a healthy lifestyle can easily…


Experience the Losing iT! Weight Loss Center Difference

October 4, 2018 By

If you are like many of us, this isn’t your first quest for a weight loss program that works. If you’d tried all the others and still haven’t found a way to achieve the healthier lifestyle and waistline you crave, it’s time you take a look at Losing iT! Weight Loss Center. There are some real differences between typical weight loss programs and what you’ll find at Losing iT! Weight Loss Center. It begins with the focused approach to making you feel comfortable for the journey, explaining the science behind the program, and providing you with the support you need for lasting success.


Eating The Ideal Protein Way

September 4, 2018 By

One of the biggest questions we hear from our clients just starting an Ideal Protein weight loss journey is, “what can I eat?” As an authorized independent Ideal Protein Clinic, Losing iT! Weight Loss Center, we carry a full variety of foods designed to support you through every step of the 4-phase journey. We pride ourselves on keeping these delicious products in stock and taking the guesswork out of the early days of your program and providing easy options for busy lifestyles at every stage – all the way to maintenance and beyond.


Losing IT! Weight Loss Center in Elkhorn Offers Innovative LipoMelt Body Sculpting System

August 23, 2018 By

Sometimes, diet and exercise just aren’t enough. Now, metro-area residents have a new way to slim, shape and tone those stubborn areas like the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, and arms. Until now, many who wanted quick results had to resort to more drastic measures such as liposuction or traditional coolsculpting. Losing iT! Weight Loss Center recently added LipoMelt services in its Elkhorn, Nebraska location for those seeking a non-invasive and safe way to address these problem areas quickly and effectively.