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Corporate Wellness With Losing iT!

Employees are hungry for more than just the snacks you provide the workroom. In reality, today’s high-performing workers are looking for motivation, support, and guidance so they can make necessary lifestyle changes that are often too overwhelming to make on their own.

Without a doubt, the responsibility of keeping an entire workforce healthy is a tall order. Many corporations are looking to anchor their workplace wellness initiatives in programs that are not just medically sound but can also really move the needle. Now, employers in the Omaha metropolitan areas can rely on Losing iT! Weight Loss Center to provide corporate-wide programs designed to bring nutrition education and support right to your workplace.

Losing iT! + MoxiFit: Changing Employees’ Health From the Inside Out

Losing iT! Weight Loss Center has options for corporate wellness that are scientifically proven and individually focused, which means your organization can provide life-changing programs for each and every employee, giving them the building blocks needed for sustainable and positive lifestyle improvement.

The MoxiFit weight loss program focuses on two essential concepts – building a healthy lifestyle and living a healthy lifestyle. Through a phased approach that includes partial meal replacement protocol, ongoing education and one-on-one support, your employees can live healthier, more productive lives both at work and home.

The protocols behind Losing iT! Weight Loss Center’s MoxiFit program are scientifically based, supported by personal wellness coaches with years of combined experience in nutrition science, fitness, psychology and medicine. And, the results truly add up – healthier employees use fewer sick days and lower overall employee healthcare costs.

Bringing Losing iT! Weight Loss Center’s MoxiFit Workplace Program to your company can improve and help prevent weight-related chronic diseases among employees and their family members and save you time and effort trying to administer or manage a home-grown program. The overall costs to insure and manage the health of your employee populations will decrease and employees themselves will enjoy longer, happier, healthier lives.

That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The MoxiFit Workplace Program

The MoxiFit workplace Program is designed to engage each employee, providing them with the building blocks they need to attain life-changing results and long-term success.

In a study presented during Obesity Week 2016, Aspirus followed 306 employees who had successfully completed the medically designed protocol and analyzed costs for these employees from 2013-2015. Results indicated an average of $916.97 (18% reduction) decrease in overall claims cost. That’s a potential annual savings of between $500-$1000 per employee.

Support. Simple. Engagement.

There are a number of ways a corporate wellness program through Losing iT! Weight Loss Center can be structured, but all include the important components necessary for success. Simple actionable steps, backed by ongoing support, encourage engagement from day one of the program.

Losing iT! Weight Loss Clinics and our experienced coaches can customize a program that fits both the needs of your employees and your corporate objectives.

A popular option is our 12-week peer-based challenge, which encourages comradery among coworkers and increased engagement. Individual meetings with MoxiFit wellness coaches keep participants accountable as they cheer on and support their coworkers. These meetings can be held onsite at your corporate location, or at the Losing iT! Weight Loss Center location in Omaha.

Your Employees. Our Program. Real Results.

When your employees sign up for a Losing iT! Weight Loss Center corporate program, they are most often surprised by the level of support they receive. Educational videos to start the day off right, convenient access to delicious and high-quality food options for every phase of the journey and the personal support of Losing iT! wellness coaches set our program apart.

One-on-one consultations, weekly newsletters, fun, and tasty chef-created recipes and the ongoing support of an entire MoxiFit community is there to help foster success.

Education about nutrition and how the body processes foods, evidence-based instruction at every phase, a convenient IdealSmart app to log food and track progress – all are a part of the many tools we provide to help your employees make long-lasting lifestyle changes for the better.

Flexible Costs. Easy Administration. Measurable Results.

While we do not require your organization to subsidize any of the cost of the program, we have found it to be worthwhile for companies who do. According to a Rand Corporation Study in 2013, when incentives are provided for wellness programs, employee participation rates increase by nearly 20%. Whether or not your organization is able to provide per-employee financial compensation or if you need to work out an alternative payment program for your group, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you on other ways to incentivize program adoption and participation.

Losing iT! Weight Loss Centers’ corporate wellness programs are designed to be easy to administer and require little time on the part of employers. We even provide you with the marketing and promotional tools you need to communicate the MoxiFit benefit to your employee base both before and throughout the program.

You’ll receive quarterly reports about participant data to make sure the investment made in employee wellness is hitting the mark. Losing iT! Weight Loss Center is also available to participate in associated corporate events such as health fairs or annual benefits meetings to bring clarity to the commitment made by your company to improve employees’ long-term wellness.

Partner With Losing iT! Weight Loss Center

If you are interested in learning more about Losing iT! Weight Loss Center Workplace Wellness Programs, please contact us at (402) 991-2348 for more information.


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