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MoxiFit 4 Step Lifestyle Program

At the foundation of Losing iT! Weight Loss’ success is the MoxiFit Weight Loss Program, a medically developed, 4 Moxi step process that combines weight loss and healthy lifestyle education.

With one-on-one coaching and a personalized approach to achieving your weight loss goals, you’ll learn not only what to eat, but understand how nutrition influences the way your body gains and loses weight.

You’ll learn life-changing guidelines, experience delicious food and gain far more than the weight you’ll lose along with way. Our coaches will be with you every step of the way to make sure you stay on track while keeping your long-term goal in clear view.

Losing iT! Weight Loss Center are Here for Every Phase of Your Personal Weight Loss Journey

Learn more about how the MoxiFit step program can help jump-start your weight loss journey, assist with you understanding how your body processes foods and new lifestyle habits to you can use to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. What are you waiting for?

4 Phases to a New You

You will never have to sacrifice taste or enjoyment with MoxiFits healthy options. You’ll find an incomparable variety of delicious foods available for convenient pick up at Losing iT! Weight Loss Center in Omaha, Nebraska, taking the guesswork out of what your body needs at every stage to remain healthy while losing those pounds and inches.

Phase 1: Achieve 100% of your weight loss results with Losing iT! Weight Loss Center with MoxiFit

Your personalized weight loss journey all begins here with a safe, ketogenic diet prepared to optimize the way your body is fueled and burns energy.

Delicious, affordable food options help you get off to a great start, and you’ll be amazed by the quick, noticeable results that come from the MoxiFit program and products.

Imagine classic morning selections such as cereal, flavored oatmeal or pancakes complete with Maple Flavored Syrup. Crispers or crunchies for snacks, hearty soups – even pasta! – is all included and available to help make your Phase 1 meal planning easy, quick and effective.

Phase 2: Learn the science behind nutrition and how it impacts your body

Losing iT! Weight Loss Clinics’ coaches want to be sure you not only lose the weight but understand the ‘why’ behind the weight you lose so you can sustain healthy habits for a lifetime.

In Phase 2, you’ll learn tricks for meal preparation using everyday food options, discover ways to refocus behavior that leads to unhealthy choices, have access to chef-designed recipes and be held accountable for healthy eating behaviors through one-on-one personalized coaching.

Phase 3: Focus on developing smarter eating habits and better lifestyle living

Next comes a focus on developing smarter eating habits, refocusing your mindset and making the commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. There is also a very important physiological component to Phase 3 that is designed to help shift your body’s overreaction to carbohydrates into more normal levels of carbohydrate utilization.

Gaining more accountability for eating and lifestyle habits is a part of this phase of your weight loss journey and will include options to design your own meals using targets devised just for you. Or, you may wish to combine some of the delicious, ready to prepare foods always available at our Losing iT! Weight Loss Center in Omaha NE.

Phase 4: Maintain your ideal weight and celebrate the ideal you

Finally, we work together to maintain your ideal weight and celebrate the ideal you! Now that the first 3 Phases have been completed and weight loss has been achieved, it’s time to enjoy the freedom that comes with sweet success. It will include a maintenance plan and a few simple rules to help keep you on track.

You’ll still receive ongoing support and coaching from your Losing iT! Weight Loss Center team, as well as real-life guidance for the challenges of eating out, reintroducing carbs to your diet and recognizing the right foods to eat at the right time so your body has just what it needs to thrive.

Let Losing iT! assist you in becoming the best version of yourself

Online tools, ongoing support and easy to prepare, affordable food options for each phase of your weight loss journey right here to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

You don’t have to start your journey alone, contact us at (402) 991-2348. With a conveniently located location in Omaha and our genuine, down to earth staff ready to accompany you, there is no better time than right now to take that first step.


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