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Weight Loss and Lifestyle Education Combine to Create Lasting Results

Losing iT! Weight Loss Center is excited to share how weight loss and lifestyle education go hand-in-hand and are critical to being able to not just lose pounds and inches, but also to maintain results after dieting.

The MoxiFit program is a large part of our program’s success and is one of the many ways our clients can kick-start their weight loss journeys and build positive eating habits that provide a lifetime of benefits.

The Science of Nutrition, Explained

There is no secret behind the MoxiFit method. It’s readily available to anyone who wants to learn how their bodies and the food they eat interact and actually impact not just weight, but also long-term health and overall wellbeing.

The MoxiFit was medically developed following research on nutrition, with a particular focus placed on obesity-related health outcomes. You may have heard the terms “insulin resistance” or “insulin dysfunction.” This concept is at the basis of the MoxiFit research and provides proof that those whose diets are primarily comprised of saturated fats and sugars are more likely to have bodies that overproduce insulin which remains in the system and causes blood sugar imbalances and hypoglycemia. The overproduction of insulin can induce sugar cravings which in turn, cause weight gain. It’s a vicious cycle.

Break the Cycle with MoxiFit

The MoxiFit method breaks the cycle caused by the overproduction of insulin and the cravings that come from high-carbohydrate, low-quality protein diets. Carefully-prepared meal replacement shakes pre-packaged and ready to cook meals, as well as delicious beverages and snacks allow you to feel full while helping your body learn to live off its own fat reserves.

High-quality protein, the very fuel your body needs to function optimally, is built right into the MoxiFit food options. Nutrient-rich supplements provide the key ingredients needed to retain electrolytes and build muscle. The result is rapid weight loss and a sustainable game plan for keeping the weight off.

What to Expect

  • Structured weight loss using a lifestyle approach with complete nutritional support
  • Nutrition education to understand how your body processes the foods you eat
  • Weekly one-on-one health coaching at our Omaha center, as well as lifestyle education and guidance
  • A personalized approach to setting weight loss goals, based on your unique health profile
  • In stock access to MoxiFit weight loss meals, drinks, and snacks in our Omaha location

Find MoxiFit, Services and Support at Losing iT! Weight Loss Center

We provide the science, services and support you need to tackle your weight loss challenges. It begins with helping you understand exactly how your body responds to the foods you eat, then making a wide variety of MoxiFit products readily available and backing it up by one-on-one support. These things combined can help you break the cycle that keeps the weight on or coming back.

When you join us at Losing iT!, you’ll benefit from an entire community of people just like you who have made the decision to break the cycle and live their best quality lives. With a full line of MoxiFit products in stock at our Omaha location, you’ll never go hungry while working toward your goals.

Join us at Losing iT! to benefit from discreet and personal support, nutrition education, proven resources, helpful tools and tips, as well as a full variety of scientifically-based food options ready to help you take a step toward a healthier, happier life. Our warm, caring environment and genuine, passionate staff are waiting to welcome you. Call us today at (402) 991-2348.


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