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Ideal Protein Method

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Learn how weight loss and healthier lifestyle education combine to produce lifelong change.

Corporate Wellness

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Create healthy employees with customized programs and full support from our dedicated staff.


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Same-day results. Lose inches with non-invasive, effective red/near-infrared light LED therapy.

Fit 3D

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Mark where you start and gage ongoing progress with a 360 scan of over 200 body measurements.


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Receive high-tech, personalized body composition measurements to achieve the perfect balance between fat and muscle.


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Access beauty products that fall in line with the all-important goal of achieving enhanced health and wellness.

Now Offering Virtual Coaching

For those times when one more trip just doesn’t fit in the schedule, or if you are traveling, live in an area where Ideal Protein services are not offered or just prefer to speak to a supportive health coach from the comfort of your own home, Losing iT! Weight Loss Center offers virtual appointments. Using easy-to-navigate webinar conferencing technology, those who sign up for virtual coaching can enjoy all the benefits of personalized weight loss and management support without ever leaving home.

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In Order To Succeed, We Must First Believe That We Can

-Nikos Kazantzakis

Experience Our Personalized Approach

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Receive structured lifestyle education and guidance with food, weight loss management, and mindset with our intimate and convenient.

Our Custom Events

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We Love What We Do

experience in-depth knowledge and genuine personalities

Losing iT! Weight Loss Center brings the warmth and personal attention that can only be found in a community like the one Marcia and Carla created from scratch in right here in Omaha, Nebraska. Small and locally-owned means you have authentic, strongly rooted people to help you achieve your best self.

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We offer appointments at our Omaha, Nebraska location before hours, after hours, evenings, and weekends, based on the availability of our health coaches.

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