While Ideal Protein has been around for over 25 years, our little corner of this life-changing program began just a few years ago to five years ago. My name is Marcia and I walked away from a 20-year career in pharmaceuticals to pursue a career in helping others find their best selves. A strong believer in Ideal Protein, having used the program myself, I was finally able to lose the twenty pounds I’d been struggling with for years.

After witnessing first-hand the difference Ideal Protein made in my life, I became a certified Ideal Protein weight loss coach and manager in Omaha, NE and decided to help others achieve their weight loss goals and work toward their best selves. Carla Gottsch was one of my clients and, using Ideal Protein, she was able to shed weight and inches she’d been struggling with for a long time.

Our Journey + Two Locations!

Together we’ve opened two Losing iT! weight loss locations and enjoy working as a team to help all kinds of people with all kinds of health goals. In addition to our coaching, customers can work with a local medical consultant, a personal trainer, and a community of people just like them. A small locally owned business, we’re proud of our strong ties to the Omaha & Elkhorn communities. The weight loss meal plans Omaha NE that participants can sign up for are designed to work for their body. Additionally the weight loss dinner options Omaha NE users can choose from and weight loss bars Omaha NE users can decide between are packed with protein and flavor. Don’t forget our meal replacement shakes Omaha NE participants love! We’re proud of what we do–and it shows in our work. Let us be your #1 weight loss coaching Omaha NE staff for life! Schedule your consultation today.

Health Coaching Omaha NE

You’ve been there–bad leadership. When someone who is supposed to be helping you learn or achieve is flat out bad at it–it makes reaching your goals ten times harder. Thankfully, the coaches at Losing iT! aren’t here to make your weight loss journey miserable.

We started Losing iT! because we believe in a different kind of coaching. For us it’s not about you hitting the numbers. It’s about you having a team of dedicated professionals that will do everything in their power to help you reach your goals. We understand you’re human. We even get that this journey is hard–we’ve been through it. But getting to the other side is possible with our help, and the help of our team. That’s why we’re here. There’s no other company in Omaha like Losing iT! Come discover the difference for yourself.

Check Out Our Delicious Weight Loss Meals!

We offer a variety of delicious and easy-to-prepare foods, all created to help you find success on your weight loss journey. The weight loss meal plans Omaha NE offers are delicious and packed with all the right ingredients.