Douglas Dragoun

Omaha, NE

Being the President of a trucking company for the last 17 years and sitting behind a desk all day, my exercise was kept to a minimum and bad eating habits took over.  At 5’9” and 280 pounds, the only activity I looked forward to was hurrying home so I could eat, lay down, and watch TV.  Wanting instant results, I had no desire to start a diet plan that wouldn’t show results for weeks, if any at all.

My outlook changed when I met with a coach for Ideal Protein who taught me how to correct my eating habits and showed me the simplicity of their plan; she made it easy and enjoyable to follow.  The results on the scale and measurements were crystal clear every week.  After 16 weeks, I had lost 80 pounds and over 60 inches of ugly, unattractive, useless FAT.

My accomplishments have prompted several of my friends and family members to start.  They have seen similar results, which is a testament that Ideal Protein is the real deal.

If you do not have the desire to be active, have fun, and feel good about yourself and would rather look in the mirror and say “OMG, who is that?” then Ideal Protein is not for you.  BUT, if you are looking for a great, easy, no exercise diet plan that WILL produce results FAST, this plan is a great resource.
I feel GREAT!!!

Deb Kenobbie

Laurens, IA

I have always thought my sister a pain in the butt…  But all kidding aside, she has helped me change my life in the last 6 months.  I have struggled with my weight for many years.  I hated how I felt and was miserably self-conscious.  My husband and I are farmers, so fitting workouts in our hectic schedules was impossible most days.  At one point, I starved myself into looking great, but I gained everything back plus MORE!!!

I hit rock bottom when my physician called me OBESE and that I needed to do something about my weight.  Then one day my sister Marcia called to talk about Ideal Protein and how this could help me with my weight loss.  I was skeptical, but excited to give it my all.  In the first week, I was down 8 pounds and within two months I had lost 40 pounds.  My husband was amazed and decided to start the protocol, he is now 50 pounds lighter after 3 months!!!

One of the things we love is that we have no sagging skin and we retained our muscle.  Today, I feel pretty and noticed in a very positive way.  I find myself doing so many things I had avoided for many years.  I am excited to celebrate and spend time with my family and friends.

This is the best I have felt in so long, the protocol fit into my life.  The pounds and inches came off every week!!!  It was really easy for the most part, but I definitely had some hard days.  That’s where having a great coach helped me out so much.  They keep you on track and motivated.  I lost a total of 85 pounds in 6 months and have kept it off for almost two years.

Gene Frerk

Nevada, IA

I was divorced, depressed, and I ate!!!  I was out of control.  I didn’t care about myself for many years, until I was getting dressed for my oldest son’s wedding.  I saw my reflection in the mirror and decided I was finally to the point where I didn’t want to live like this anymore.  I called my sister Marcia (a coach for Ideal Protein) and told her “Let’s do this”.

I lost 62 pounds in the first month, by Thanksgiving I was down 85 pounds.  My mom could get her arms all the way around me for the first time in years and couldn’t stop bear hugging me.  I was down 110 pounds by January and now 168.

I feel so grateful to both my sisters.  My sister Deb was my inspiration ~ she lost 85 pounds on the program in 6 months.  I knew if she could do it, so could I.  The protocol was so easy to follow.  I saw results every week.

I just got a health screen and everything came back excellent.  I know how to eat healthy now.  I can’t thank Ideal Protein enough for saving my life.  This is a wonderful program with wonderful products and coaches.  If I can do this anyone can!!!

(*Steve lost 89 pounds and 69 inches in 4 months, leaving him almost unrecognizable!!!  Wowza!!!)

Nyssa Dixon

Bellevue, NE

My name is Nyssa Dixon.  After many years (basically my whole life) of dealing with my own struggle of obesity and trying practically every diet out there, I was blessed to have my physician recommend Marcia Stander to me!  I had lost significant (75 and 90 pounds) amounts of weight previously with regular diet and exercise, but the weight always came back on.  I knew how to lose weight but not how to keep it off!  I met with an Ideal Protein coach on January 10, 2013, having no idea what this Ideal Protein diet was.  Although, I was skeptical, I kept in mind my family physician recommended it.  I liked that Ideal Protein was medically designed, supervised, and all food labels were FDA approved.  I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose by trying the diet (other than weight) so I signed up and started my journey to a healthier me.  I was on the IP diet for 7 months and lost 102 pounds and 91 inches.  Ideal Protein was the easiest diet I had ever done and I’ve never seen results so quickly!  I went from a size 26 to an 11 in pants and from a 3X shirt size to a medium.

Tehl Keslar

Omaha, NE

I first heard of and saw the results of ideal Protein from a friend of mine who I had not seen for a few months.  The results of him losing 40 plus pounds obviously led me to asking questions about what he’d done.  I had tried several different diets, tried working our, etc. but, just never found something that was a fit for me, until I went and met with a coach for Ideal Protein.  She walked me through in detail how I was going to function on the plan and the WHY behind the protocol.  She explained how my body was going to transform into a fat burning machine and the inches were going to start falling off if I stayed committed to the plan.  I set my target weight goal to lose 50 pounds.  In the back of my mind, I thought if my buddy could lose 40, I could at least get 20 off, and if that happened, well great!  Little did I know that once I stated the program I would learn to embrace the weight loss and want more.  The real deal is, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.  It did take focus, discipline, and understanding of how I viewed food previously to help myself realize my crutches, but more it was just following the day-to-day plan.  I was the guy that knew every combo meal at all the major fast food chains and what was running as the monthly special!  I looked at food as a challenge of how much I could eat vs what I was eating.  The great thing about IP is from the very first week your body responds to the changes, and you get to see significant weight scale changes from week 1.  That gave me confidence to keep going, not to cheat, and to follow the program because I was seeing such great weekly results.  Then, I became aware of the inches I was losing.  My clothes were starting to feel baggier, people were taking notice and I was getting more energy and more excited about seeing the progress really ramp up.

With meeting my coach weekly, she was great about always asking how my week went, and the few small times I didn’t plan my day very well and cheated, she always was quick to reinforce how great I was looking and that I was still losing.  The last thing I worried about was, “Okay even if I do lose the weight, can I keep it off???”  Once again, my coach was there, explaining the different phase transitions and why we do them.  It made total sense and I can honestly say that IP will be something I’ll look back on and know how to manage my food, weight, and confidence to keeping the weight at the level I was at in high school.

On January 7th, 2014 I started my weight loss journey at 230 pounds, exactly 90 days later on April 7th, I had lost 50 pounds and 45inches.  I wore a 38-40 inch waist inseam, and now am 32-34.  I have quit snoring (the wife says) and I am more engaged now that I’m at a manageable weight to work out and do other things I didn’t see myself doing.  I’ve got a road map to get and keep me where I want to be long-term.  I cannot thank my coach enough for helping me achieve the results I had hoped for and beyond.  I feel great, and would recommend to ANYONE who wants to lose a few pounds or a significant amount (like I needed) to check out Ideal Protein.


Omaha, NE

So, there I was, a veteran of numerous weight loss plans and still overweight.  Then my sister encouraged me to check out Ideal Protein.  Sis said the protocol was really restrictive, but she wasn’t hungry, there were no drugs involved and most importantly she was losing weight.  While doing my research of IP, two things made me hesitate.  First, the weekly cost and second, I was worried because I love a huge variety of food.  But these two things (and my coach) are the biggest reasons for my success.  I certainly didn’t want to waste my money buying food and then not follow the program, especially since hubby was unhappy with me paying a lot of money for yet another diet.   And the ‘restriction’ actually made the diet easier for me.  I knew exactly what I could eat and what was off limits, there were no ‘gray areas’ that could get me into trouble.  My coach also helped greatly during my weekly sessions.  She answered my questions and concerns, encouraged me, and kept me on track.  I lost weight slowly and steadily each week for a total of 33 pounds and 39 inches in 10 weeks.  Another great aspect of the program is that my coach ‘phased’ me out of the diet to transition to maintenance so I wouldn’t gain back all those pounds.

My wonderful sis who encouraged me to start this program also met her goal of a 40 pound weight loss.  And now my niece has lost 30 pounds on the same program.  As for hubby, he’s no longer unhappy, infact he’s thrilled with my weight loss!  And most of all, I am so deeply contented with my new shape.  Next up:  a one week bicycle trip through wine country, redwoods, and the Pacific Coast, which is going to be so much easier with 30 pounds less to lug around.  I can’t wait!

Shelly Bender

Omaha, NE

I have been dealing with weight loss issues all of my life and have tried a lot of different diets.   I even had gastric bypass surgery.  I lost some weight with gastric bypass, but I was starting to put the weight back on.  A friend of mine lost 85 pounds and his wife lost 65 pounds, I asked how they did it.  They advised me they had been on the diet called Ideal Protein and that it was easy to follow.  A  couple of friends and I decided to give it a try.  I have to say it was not always easy, but with the support of my coach, I am here to tell you, it works.  I went from a size 4X to a size 10.  I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and asked myself “who is that person”?  I have always been the person that avoided mirrors, cameras and even going out in public.  I was the one who could not ride the rollercoaster, who had to ask for the extra attachment when riding on a plane, and used the elevator because it was too hard to go up the stairs.  I no longer need the elevator, or the attachment, and I can ride on a rollercoaster.  I even went to the store and immediately went over to the larger sizes.  My friend said “you don’t have to shop over there anymore”.  I am happier than I have been in years.  I don’t live for food now, but eat to live well.  I am excited and a little scared to move to the maintenance phase.  But, I have been well equipped by this program and I am here to tell you from the biggest skeptic, that this program works.  I have become one of Ideal Protein’s biggest fans.  If you have been on the fence, give it a try.

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Steve Geiken

Omaha, NE

Taking part in Ideal Protein is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I need to thank my coach for being great help along the way and someone I will be able to count on for the long-term healthy aspect of my life.  More importantly, I need to thank my wife Kim, who has been my partner in this journey.  Without you my goals would never have been met.  The benefits are tremendous!  The weight loss is great, but everything else that has happened to me, even things I never would have considered is the best part.  I’m a much happier person and I feel confident.  I feel better than I have felt in years and it goes without saying, much healthier.  The reason Ideal Protein works is that it provides a great plan, coaching and support to get you to your goal.  If you follow the plan you will succeed!

Kim Geiken

Omaha, NE

Ideal Protein is amazing and has changed my life.  Before starting the program, I knew I needed to lose weight, but really didn’t know how and was tired of trying different things that didn’t work.  Then something happened to trigger me to realize I HAD to do something about my weight.
I was on vacation with my kids and their friends and they all went on a rollercoaster.  Both my husband and I love rollercoasters, but felt we were too big to ride, so we just walked around.  Sadly our weight was stopping us from having fun.  I was so depressed that day.  After we got home, I found out that a friend was on IP and had lost 50 pounds, and felt great.  I did some research into the program and decided we needed to try this.  The program was something we would do as a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.  On Feb 11, 2014 we started IP.  My amazing coach kept me motivated and positive the entire time.  I lost 60 pounds in 6 months and my husband lost an amazing 110 pounds!  I feel fantastic.  I’m wearing size 8 now, which I have never worn in my entire life (I started at size 18).  My weight has kept me from doing fun things my entire life, but never again.

*I’m no longer scared to wear shorts (I haven’t worn shorts in years, and had pretty much decided that I wasn’t ever going to wear them).  Now I wear shorts every day.  I love them!
*I’m no longer scared to wear a bathing suit.  Swimming is fun!
*I can ride rollercoasters again!

This is a lifestyle change for me.  I will never go back to the way I was living.  Healthy food and exercise are a top priority for me now.  Ideal Protein provided me with a lot of nutrition knowledge (with the daily videos) and a coach that helped me stay on track during my weight loss, as well as to continue to help me maintain my weight as time goes on.  I love that IP support doesn’t just stop when your hit your weight loss goal.  Amazing program, amazing results!  Love my new life!

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