Dr. Head MDMedical Consultant

Dr. Gilbert Head, a medical consultant at Losing iT! Weight Loss Center, understands a thing or two about weight loss. When he learned he had pre-diabetes, He knew that he had to make a big change–or risk a slew of health-related issues he’d seen plague his patients time and again.

Dr. Head decided to contact a patient of his who also happened to be a fellow physician. This patient had lost about 50 pounds altogether. In addition to improving his health, the gentleman had also improved his blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. When Dr. Head asked the patient’s secret, the gentleman was proud to reveal it wasn’t much of a secret at all–it was Ideal Protein.

Dr. Head contacted Marcia and Carla almost immediately. Under their kind, encouraging coaching he lost 45 pounds and was able to reverse his pre-diabetes before it became an even bigger issue. What’s more, he has been able to maintain his weight loss, implementing things he learned during the program. He has referred several patients to Marcia and Carla, two of which have lost over 100 pounds. Many have seen significant improvement in their health and continue to maintain healthy weights.

Dr. Head is honored to work alongside Marcia and Carla, serving as a medical consultant for Ideal Protein.


Marcia Stander – Coach

Marcia Stander just gets it. Losing weight that is. While she currently looks good and feels great, that wasn’t always the case. After turning 40, Marcia found it nearly impossible to make the scale budge. It didn’t matter how often she exercised or how healthy she ate, the numbers staring back her from the scale refused to go down. Still, she didn’t give up the fight. It was easy to ignore the numbers because she was trying–and she was trying hard.

It wasn’t until her doctor told her during an annual check up that she was overweight did Marcia really sit up an pay attention. Of course, when she told her doctor that she was doing all the right things and asked what other tweaks she could make to her routine, her doctor simply shrugged and suggested she join a group like Jenny Craig. Marcia left the doctor feeling down–she didn’t want to join Jenny Craig. She’d had friends go through all of it and knew it wouldn’t be a fit for her–but what else could she do? Marcia resorted to diet pills–but they didn’t work.

Fast forward to a few months later when Marcia ran into an old friend of hers who happened to be a physician. The gentleman had lost 85 pounds and was eager to tell Marcia his secret–Ideal Protein! She decided to go for it and has never looked back. Seeing immediate results in the first week, Marcia was eager to continue along her journey. Eventually, she walked away from a highly successful 20-year career in pharmaceuticals to pursue a career in helping others along their weight loss journey as a certified Ideal Protein weight loss coach and manager. Having used the Ideal Protein method herself, Marcia has the passion, drive, and vision to help educate and motivate others along their weight loss journey.

Carla Gottsch – Coach

After having her fifth child, Carla Gottsch found it difficult to both maintain her household and get back into pre-baby shape. This was especially frustrating because in the past, Carla had always been capable of managing her health and fitness on her own. She went to the gym, watched what she ate, and was good at managing her overall well-being.

All of that changed after Carla has her last child in 2008. At that point, it became very difficult to manage household duties in addition to putting emphasis on herself and her health goals. While working with a personal trainer at her gym did much to help her gain muscle, it didn’t get her down to a weight where she felt comfortable in her clothes. Still, she wasn’t sure what else she could do to make a change. That’s when Carla ran into her friend, Marcia. The two discussed Ideal Protein and the impact it had, had on Marcia’s life. After talking, Carla was more determined than ever to get her old body back. She hit the gym again and was very careful about what she ate. Again, she seemed to get no results.

That’s when Carla signed up for her initial consultation with Marcia. She signed up for Ideal Protein the same day. The protocol helped her lose all of the weight she’d been struggling with for months, and it has helped her keep it off even with her hectic schedule. Now, as a coach, she is able to help others create and meet goals, and ultimately, change their futures for the better.

Erin Anderson – Coach

Erin Anderson knows fitness! She is a Colorado native, wife and very proud mother of three athletes. Athletic children are not surprising considering her very active lifestyle and love of everything fitness related. Even as a child her energy was always off the charts, prompting her parents to enroll her in gymnastics at a very young age. Her interest evolved into cheer by the time she entered high school. Erin’s talent and passion for helping other athletes led her to coach competitive gymnastics. She later served as Director of Gymnastics at the Denver Athletic Club. It obviously made sense that she would also become a certified personal trainer.

Erin and her family moved to Omaha in 2015. She continued doing personal and group training at a local gym. As a mom her responsibilities included transporting their sons for hockey and their daughter for cheer. It was at cheer that she and Carla became acquainted. They discovered that they had much in common, especially the drive to help others with health and wellness.

Recognizing that Erin would be a valuable addition to Losing iT! Carla encouraged her to visit the office. Erin was immediately impressed with the ease of the Ideal Protein program and it’s predictable results in improving both physical health and metabolism. She recognized why Ideal Protein and Losing iT! was the missing link for so many people struggling with weight management, both weight loss and weight gain. Erin came aboard in 2016 and really is the ideal coach for all dimensions of health and wellness, plus her attitude and personality is absolutely addicting!

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