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Resources To Help Your Weight Loss & Management Journey

Dining out doesn’t have to be a challenge. Losing iT!’s Restaurant Guide is chock full of helpful tips to keep you on track. Quickly review food options, identify which are “on plan” and see suggested alternatives for dishes that will keep you moving closer to your goal without ever feeling like you’ve sacrificed a thing. Learn ways make restaurant servers your best ally when ordering popular dishes on the menu and uncover tips for planning ahead, staying focused and in control.

Ideal Protein Resources

There is a wealth of information available about the medically designed Ideal Protein weight loss method. The two key components – weight loss and lifestyle education – were always central tenets of the program, which evolved over 20 years following two decades of research by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. Download this resource to read in-depth information about the Ideal Protein protocol and the science of nutrition that is the backbone of Losing iT!’s successful weight loss program.

The hardest part of the weight loss journey comes from taking the first step. For many people, that’s not running away when your coach pulls out a scale and tape measurer for the first time. While the health profile may seem intimidating, it’s actually nothing to be afraid of. Weight loss coaching Omaha NE will take basic information like your name and age, in addition to your measurements and your current habits. From there, we design a weight loss program Omaha NE tailored to your health profile, and yours alone ensuring that you’ll find success.

Food Prep Resources

Part of achieving success along any weight loss journey is taking the time to really examine those areas of life that need adjusting. At Losing iT! we encourage customers to keep a food journal, tracking what they eat day-to-day. The journal accompanies clients on their weekly visits to our office or to virtual appointments and offers our coaches valuable insight into how you’re feeling – not just about the food you eat but how you are adjusting to a new way of thinking. Other helpful resources include our convenient dinner options and Losing iT!’s weight loss bar, designed to help you shed the weight without sacrificing fun or flavor.

Whether you can’t make toast or you’re a master chef, our step-by-step food preparation instructions ensure you’ll always create a great meal. From how to mix your soups to how to prepare homemade dressing, instructions from Losing iT! contain all the information you need. You’ll also enjoy delicious meal replacement shakes Omaha NE and weight loss dinner options Omaha NE that require little to no prep at all.


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