Client Consultations

Do you compare your body to other people? Maybe you wish that you had her thighs or his stomach. Perhaps you’ve wished for his arms or her cheekbones. It’s totally natural to compare yourself to someone with the “ideal” body, even if it’s not exactly healthy. Here’s the important piece of the puzzle–are you ready? Everybody (and every body) is different. At Losing iT! our client consultations will help us to understand the body that you have, and make plans to turn it into the body you want.

Our consultations are designed to be informational as well as insightful. Consultations are not designed to linger over measurements like your height and weight. That is part of the initial process, but consultations at Losing iT! are about so much more than the numbers. We want to know your story. We’ll talk about the things that led you to our door–and where we can help you go. Weight loss dinner options offers are a mix of old and new favorites while the weight loss bars offers are packed with filling flavor. The weight loss program offers is unlike anything else you’ve tried. Attempt our weight loss service! We dare you.

Our Workshops

Losing weight isn’t a diet–it’s a lifestyle. What’s more, proper education on weight loss goes hand-in-hand with achieving long-term success. Our workshops are designed to help you get the most out of your Ideal Protein experience. From mixers to recipe exchanges to learning about what triggers emotional eating, our workshops help people meet and form connections. Our workshop selection also extends into teaching you more about our products and services in a relaxed environment meant to inform, not sell. The weight loss plan offers isn’t designed to make you feel pressured, it’s created to help you feel better.

For Businesses

More and more health insurance companies are offering discounts to business employees that meet certain health criteria. If your company wants to help its employees get on track to meet that criteria year after year, Losing iT! can help. Our coaches are available to give group presentations about our weight loss coaching, products and services, to visit with employees who are current customers on-site at your business, and much more. Our weight loss service in Omaha NE is available to all of your local employees.

Keep in mind that your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or your Health Savings Account (HSA) may cover partial or full costs of our programs. Contact us to learn more.