Carla Gottsch – Coach & Co-Owner

You could say that it was sweet serendipity that brought Carla Gottsch and Marcia Stander together. Carla was seeking a way to rid herself of the weight that just seemed to come along (and stay) after having five beautiful children. It wasn’t because of lack of hard work and commitment; regular trips to the gym and even help from a personal trainer just weren’t a match for Carla’s hectic lifestyle.

That’s when Carla happened to run into a friend from the past. Marcia Stander not only looked great, you could tell she felt great, too and was eager to tell anyone who would listen about how Ideal Protein had literally transformed her life from the inside out. Carla listened carefully and as Carla often does, spent some time thinking about what she had heard. Eventually, she asked for an initial consultation with Marcia.

Ideal Protein worked. It worked so well that Carla decided to join Marcia in telling others about the life-changing program. Since then Marcia and Carla have combined their passions and personal talents to Losing iT! Weight Loss Center in Omaha.

Carla is still a good listener and adds the job of certified Ideal Protein coach to her role as a Losing iT! co-owner. We rely on Carla to bring her unique perspective, empathy and honest approach to every client we serve. She is always one to explain it directly but with care and humor, you can count on Carla to bring love, light, and laughter to every interaction.


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