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Virtual Coaching

Along every weight loss journey, there are ups and downs. Bumps in the road. Times when you really need a listening ear and one-on-one support to get you to the next point and encourage you to continue down the path you’ve started. You may also just need a reminder about something you’ve learned about how food and your body interact, or maybe you’d like to tell us about the exciting number on the scale you saw this morning.

That’s what we are here for, Losing iT! Weight Loss Center offers coaching and genuine support, delivered by people who truly care about your ups, downs and everything in between.

It is true that Losing iT! has some amazing health coaches on its staff who are always available to see you by appointment in our Omaha location.

But what about those times when it’s hard to carve out dedicated time for an onsite appointment at one of our facilities? What if you don’t live in an area where you can easily access the MoxiFit food, education and support you need to achieve your best self? We have a solution for that.

Now Offering Virtual Coaching for Losing iT! Clients

For those times when one more trip just doesn’t fit in the schedule, or if you are traveling, live in an area where MoxiFit services are not offered or just prefer to speak to a supportive health coach from the comfort of your own home, Losing iT! Weight Loss Center offers virtual appointments. Using easy-to-navigate webinar conferencing technology, those who sign up for virtual coaching can enjoy all the benefits of personalized weight loss and management support without ever leaving home.

How Does Virtual Coaching Work?

Losing iT! Weight Loss coaches use webinar platforms to conduct face-to-face virtual meetings with clients who wish to receive their coaching and support remotely (if conference calls are preferred, no worries, we’re happy to accommodate). The online conference can be assessed from a simple and secure web link that will be sent to you when you schedule your first online appointment.

Clients who are unable to come to our Omaha location but who still wish to participate and benefit from Losing iT!’s MoxiFit programs, education and personal coaching may sign up for a virtual package. New clients will receive initial paperwork, educational resources including our Vegetable Chart, and the information they need to set themselves up for success using our program.

Virtual coaching clients also receive an Ideal Smart Scale with their first online order of food from the MoxiFit store. This will help you track progress remotely using a Bluetooth enabled scale that automatically connects, records and stores your information. You may choose to share access to your Ideal Smart Scale data directly with your virtual coach; or, you may wish to simply discuss your progress during a regularly scheduled online meeting.

Whenever possible, Losing iT! encourages virtual clients to arrange at least one in-person visit so you can take advantage of our Fit 3D technology. A quick, non-invasive scan provides a baseline measurement so you can easily gauge the progress made over time.

Fast, Convenient MoxiFit Food Delivered Right to Your Door

Virtual coaching has also answered the problem of getting the MoxiFit food supplies needed when you can’t make a trip to one of our Losing iT! locations. Our convenient, online store brings the MoxiFit pantry right to you.

Shop for, select and order the food you need to stay on track and on program. Pay using our secure online payment system that keeps your both your privacy and personal credit card information protected.

Use the simple Ideal Smart Pre-Order form and save on shipping costs when you order a full two weeks supply of MoxiFit food. Food orders received will be processed as soon as possible, so you’ll never have to go without the delicious, healthy MoxiFit food options you need.

Virtual Coaching Costs and Technology Requirements

One simple signup fee of $250 brings virtual coaching services directly to you, wherever you are and whenever you need support. The cost of Losing iT!’s Starter Bag is an additional $274.

There are no additional charges for Acuity conferencing services or software, although you may be required to download an app from either Google Play or the Apple Store in order to access the private and secure two-way connection. Virtual coaching services require a reliable internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or desktop device equipped with a webcam.

Wondering if Virtual Coaching from Losing iT! Weight Loss Center is Right for You?

Contact us to discuss the choices available as you explore weight loss and weight management options. Losing iT! has a solution that fits every need and we would love to talk you through the possibilities.


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