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Losing weight is about much more than motivation and commitment. Those are requirements of course, but the proper weight loss journey really begins with finding the right method. With Losing iT! You’re introduced to a program that has been around for over 25 years and encourages people to eat smarter. Best of all, you’ll have access to a caring team of professionals that have worked through the method themselves.

Whether you want to lose fat, you just want to lose inches, or it’s medically necessary to reduce your overall weight, we have a program that will help you reach your goals. Join the leading weight loss program in Omaha, NE to feel better and fitter than ever before.

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We offer a variety of delicious and easy-to-prepare Ideal Protein foods, all created to help you find success on your weight loss journey.

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Our Omaha & Elkhorn Ideal Protein Coaches

Losing weight is about so much more than shedding pounds. When you find the right method and the right team to back you, you’re more likely to experience success. Find out more about our Ideal Protein health coaching professionals.

Marcia Stander

Marcia walked away from a highly successful 20-year career in pharmaceuticals to pursue a career in helping others along their weight loss journey. Having used the Ideal Protein method herself, Marcia has the passion, drive, and vision to help educate and motivate others along their weight loss journey.

Carla Gottsch

After having her fifth child, Carla found it difficult to both maintain her household and get back into pre-baby shape. Hitting the gym and watching what she ate just didn’t seem to be enough. Carla was skeptical toward a diet plan but signed up to try Ideal Protein–and now she’s a coach with a passion to help others.

Erin Anderson

Erin knows fitness!  She’s a Colorado native with a long history in gymnastics, cheer, and coaching.  Erin LOVES anything fitness related, so it makes sense she’s a Certified Personal Trainer.  Erin knows food is the key to weight management for both weight loss and weight gain.  She really is the “IDEAL” coach/trainer.

  • Shelly Bender

    Shelly Bender

    ( Omaha, NE )

    I have been dealing with weight loss issues all my life and have tried a lot of different diets. A friend of mine lost 85 pounds and his wife lost 65 pounds. I asked how they did it and they advised me they had been on a diet called Ideal Protein. I have to say it was not always easy, but with the support of my coach, I went from a size 4x to a size 10.

  • Douglas Dragoun

    Douglas Dragoun

    ( Omaha, NE )

    Sitting behind a desk all day, my exercise was kept to a minimum and bad eating habits took over. My outlook changed when I met with a coach for Ideal Protein who taught me how to correct my eating habits and showed me the simplicity of their plan; she made it easy and enjoyable to follow.

  • Gene Frerk

    Gene Frerk

    ( Nevada, IA )

    I was divorced depressed, and I ate! I was out of control. I decided was finally to the point where I didn’t want to live like this anymore. The protocol was so easy to follow. I saw results every week. I can’t thank Ideal Protein enough for saving my life.